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Deploy phoenix (elixir) on a Kubernetes cluster using helm

This is a (basic) tutorial about how to install a phoenix (elixir) application on a Kubernetes cluster using the packet manager named helm. It start form creating a new phoenix app and then continue with the helm configuration files.

Speed up gitlab-ci using kubernetes and Docker

A tutorial about how to speed up the gitlab-ci using kubernetes and docker images

OpenEBS: Read Write Many volumes on kubernetes.

A tutorial about how create read write many (rwx) volumes on kubernetics using OpenEBS

Run your linters inside docker

A tutorial how to run your linters inside docker, when using docker as your development enviroment

Test kubernetes localy with microk8s on your linux machine

A tutorial about how to use kubernets localy on linux, using microk8s

Deploy Rails with helm and serve static files

A tutorial how to use rails with the kubernetes packet manager, named helm, and serve static files via nginx.